Casino is also called the gaming industry. It is where gaming facilities for gambling activities can found. Most casinos are built on restaurants, hotels and other tourist spots. Casino games are played by people who afford to bet money. They are commonly called as the gamblers, which means a person who takes risks of money that by chance and strategies he can win or lose money. continue reading..

May 2022

One of the many games that casinos offer is the Keno. The word “Keno” was known to be derived from the Latin word “Quinn which means five winning numbers”. The birth of this game has been believed to originate from ancient Chinese people who allegedly used the game to raise funds to build the Great Wall of China. In fact, the original Keno game includes Chinese characters. These characters had been changed in the 19th century when the Chinese migrants brought the game to the United States of America.


A usual Keno game requires players to choose from 10 – 15 numbers from a group of numbers that range from 1 – 80.

The game is typically just like any other lottery games wherein the player must have a ticket and the winners will be determined depending on what number combinations are drawn from the ping-pong slot machine. Once the player has selected numbers on the Keno ticket, the random ping-pong ball machine at the casino will select numbers that determine the winning ticket.

The prizes in Keno are dependent on how many correct outcomes have been predicted by the player. The computation of Keno’s prizes is very similar to the common lottery where the prizes are usually higher when more numbers win.

The advantages of playing Keno are really evident. One of those is that it does not require that much skill to be considered as a game master. You are also in control of the game at all times whether you play just a few numbers or play all of the given numbers.

Knowing that Keno is a game of chance, it really makes no significant difference either you choose the same numbers every game or use different number combinations every time. So just like many other casino games, playing keno must be in moderation to avoid bankruptcy.