The use of fitness trackers became a trend as people start becoming more conscious of their health. A fitness tracker’s utility can range from tracking their owner’s basic metric physical activity up to providing accurate metric insights recorded. One can boost their fitness tracker’s functionality when they complement it with apps linked to their smartphones.

Because not all fitness trackers have the same functional features, you can expect features means more expense to opt for. The basic fitness trackers usually measure activities such as walking, running, and even stationary activities.

Some highly sophisticated trackers have heart rate monitors, GPS tracking, sleep tracking, and even metric insights based from the activity recorded by their owners.

Here are some of the best fitness tracker 2017:

Moov Now

A popular brand of fitness tracker that has the entry level functionality fitness enthusiasts would need. It has a decent battery life of 6 months, affordable, and waterproof. However, it has no screen and heart rate monitors that usually come with standard fitness trackers.

Huawei Band 2 Pro

It has the necessary features for a standard tracker. It has a heart rate monitor, screen, and waterproof. It’s able to record most activities with accuracy. However, metrics can sometimes be variable and may not reveal and accurate overview of progress.

Garmin Vivofit 4

This model has an LCD display but no heart rate tracker. Garmin products are known for their quality waterproofing so this model is best for swimmers. Unfortunately it has a small visual display and phone notifications are nonexistent.

Garmin Vivosport

This model features a colored touch screen display with GPS tracker. It also has a decent battery life of 7 days with waterproof resistance. Another suitable candidate for swimmers or athletes that are inclined to water based sports. It is compatible with Android/iOS to enhance utility through your smartphones.

Samsung Gear Fit2

Superb notification management with clear colored display. It can measure accurate distance via GPS. It also includes a heart rate monitor and Bluetooth interface for your headset for some tunes while you workout.

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Fitbit Charge 2

This model has a standard heart monitor, a screen and relatively decent battery life (4 days). The device is comfortable to wear. However, it has no GPS function and phone notifications are limited.

FitBit Alta HR

This model has a considerable long battery life of a week. It includes a sleep tracker and heart rate monitor. Suitable for people that want the non entry level models for fitness tracking.

Do note that not all fitness trackers are able to monitor your activities or health with total accuracy. Always keep a open mind about the possibility for errors in the metrics displayed no matter how expensive or promising the device is. You can compare your device with other fitness trackers to help distinguish some discrepancies in the counting.

Fitness trackers are your best friend when you want to pursue and healthful way of living. However, there are no reasons for you to opt for expensive trackers when you don’t have use for superfluous features that don’t align with the activities you have in mind. Choose a functional fitness tracker that could help you track your progress with all features put into good use. Click here..